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Forrest was born in Perth , Western Australia , the youngest of three children of Judith (née Fry) and Donald Forrest. [10] His father, grandfather ( Mervyn ), and great-grandfather ( David ) were all managers of Minderoo Station , which David had established in 1878 with his brothers, Alexander and John . [11] John, Alexander, David, and Mervyn were all members of parliament for periods, with John serving as Western Australia's first premier . [12] [13] Forrest's early years were spent as a jackaroo at Minderoo, located in the Pilbara region south of Onslow . [11] Minderoo was owned by the Forrest family until it was sold in 1998 by his father due to relentless drought and debt, [10] but it was bought back by Forrest in 2009. [14] [15]

Over the course of the series, Garak at first denies involvement with the feared Cardassian intelligence agency the Obsidian Order , only to later reveal his connections as he (or as the plot) deems necessary. As Garak's friendship with Bashir develops, it is revealed that he was one of the Obsidian Order's highest ranking operatives, and that he was exiled from Cardassia for unspecified reasons. The details of Garak's exile are never revealed, but it is suggested that his exile resulted from either letting prisoners escape during the occupation of Bajor, or betrayal of Enabran Tain , the head of the Obsidian Order , who is later discovered to also be Garak's resentful biological father. Garak's constant enigmatic secrecy keeps him a character of both interest and importance in the series, and he later uses his contacts with Cardassia and the training he received as an operative of the Obsidian Order to assist the Federation in the war against the Dominion .

Andrew Forrest - Alpha ~ OmegaAndrew Forrest - Alpha ~ OmegaAndrew Forrest - Alpha ~ OmegaAndrew Forrest - Alpha ~ Omega