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Schickele was born in Ames, Iowa , to Alsatian immigrant parents. His father, Rainer Schickele (1905, Berlin – 1989, Berkeley, California , son of the writer René Schickele , was an agricultural economist teaching at Iowa State University . [2] In 1945, Rainer Schickele took a position at George Washington University in Washington, ., Peter's next childhood home; then, in 1946, Rainer became Chairman of the Agricultural Sciences Department at North Dakota Agricultural College (now North Dakota State University ) in Fargo, North Dakota . [2] In Fargo, Peter Schickele studied composition with Sigvald Thompson . He attended Fargo Central High School, graduating in 1952. He then attended Swarthmore College , graduating in 1957 with a degree in music; he was the first student at Swarthmore, and the only student in his class, with a music degree. He was a contemporary of Ted Nelson at Swarthmore, and he scored Nelson's experimental film, The Epiphany of Slocum Furlow . It was his first film score. [3] He graduated from the Juilliard School with an . in musical composition ; [ clarification needed ] in the ensuing years he has frequently cited Roy Harris as the most influential of his teachers. [ citation needed ] .

Karla Schickele* k. - GoldfishKarla Schickele* k. - GoldfishKarla Schickele* k. - GoldfishKarla Schickele* k. - Goldfish